Benefits of CBD Legalization

cbd legalization

The Cannabis Legalization Battle Reaches New Heights

With the ever suppressing myth of cannabis products being evil gradually being scorched out, room for experiment into it’s everyday uses has been opened up. Cannabis, commonly referred to as marijuana is described as “the miracle plant” due to it’s versatility in application. Cannabis and cannabis products have thus far being used in a wide range of fields, none more vital than the medical field.

 The use of the miracle plant in the medical field, though discounted by some has proven to be mighty effective in the combat of various diseases and ailments such as cancer, ADHD, chronic and acute pain, loss of appetite, fibromyalgia, AIDS, anxiety and depression.

There is always a lot of confusion surrounding this as to not knowing which cannabis extract to use. The names of most cannabis products are most often used interchangeably, with many consumers not knowing the difference between Rick Simpson OilTHC vape oil and Cannabis Oil. In all fairness, the differences between the 3 are minimal, with all three being liquids.

This brings us to CBD Oil and CBD products, one of the most promising areas boosting the push for cannabis legalization. CBD is basically cannabis minus the THC content, a near nightmare for recreational users but a gold mine for medical patients in need. The argument for the legalization of CBD products is based principally on their non-psychoactive properties, as this is the main reason cannabis is outlawed.

A recent push for legalization by countless celebrities and the media is working great for the industry as several states have taken the lead to legalize it in the USA. Perhaps the biggest move till date is by the NFL, with their decision to stop drug testing for cannabis. It is rumored, the NBA is set to follow suite after having several players suspended due to their cannabis pursuit.

It is safe to say social media has played a huge part in this, with videos of celebrities the likes of Cheech and Chong trending and “inspiring” the younger generation to push for legalization. An ever growing “stoner” culture in the entertainment industry, principally hip hop has gone ways to push the legalization battle.

From every indication, we are still years off of erasing the stigma around cannabis use. This doesn’t however erase the steps in the right direction that have been taken. A dream scenario involves patients and recreational users being able to buy weed online, or search for vape shops near me and pick up an order. While waiting for legalization ( not far away ), it is advisable to observe the rules of the land and wait patiently for the wave to reach fruition.